Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 40 - Alien Invasion

Aaargh the Aliens have arrived, well except they haven't really. Its just my daughter getting ready for a swimming party, but I am sure you will agree it was an easy mistake to make.

I just love kids parties, I mean whats not to love, other peoples screaming kids, fights, and parents all trying to out do each other. Luckily I like to read so I will take a book or my iPad and sit and read.

Its amazing how akin it is to a playground at school once you get a group of kids parents together, the only thing missing is the my dad is bigger than your dad arguments. And to be fair they are generally replaced by the my child is better than your child "conversations" because we're adults now so we don't bicker and fall out, we just smarm and beam about our own children before slagging off other peoples kids behind their backs, because that is way more adult.

Sorry this wasn't meant to be a rant, just an observation, anyway before I get myself into too much trouble and find myself totally ostracised from the parental group here is today's picture.

Ha ha I couldn't resist!

Have a good day folks.


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